Mardi Gras

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New Orleans is the most unique city in the world, so of course we host the largest party on the planet every year during Mardi Gras! Whether this is your first time to NOLA during Mardi Gras, or you come for the festivities annually, we can help you find the right attire for every night you go out.

In New Orleans, Mardi Gras, lasts from Three Kings Day, January 6 through the “real” Mardi Gras on the last day before Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. Mardi Gras translates to Fat Tuesday, and it’s a day like no other. The entire city is closed, and millions of revelers come to town to participate in the joyful chaos of the French Quarter. We party so hard, Mardi Gras is a Louisiana state holiday!

Festivities include parties, balls (including masquerades) and parades, many beginning prior to King’s Day to accommodate the growing numbers of people who want to join us in our celebration.

Mardi Gras attire is loud, proud, often featuring vibrant colors, glitter, sequins, and even feathers! The traditional colors for Mardi Gras are purple, green and gold, and each color has a special significance. Purple represents justice, green, faith, and gold stands for power. Go with tradition and break out a neon or metallic outfit, or try something new that will turn heads at every party! Either way, if you’re in NOLA for Mardi Gras, you’re going to have a great time!

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