Rockabilly + Pin Up Fashion

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With a sprinkle of innocence and embracing an edge, a person that epitomizes the Rockabilly look will time warp them into the late 1950s. This statement is for the avant-garde pin-up gang driving to don an iconic alternative fashion.

Rockabilly mixes old-time rock, country western aesthetics, hillbilly and fifties fashion fit for Johnny Cash lookalikes and rebels of the school yard. Pin Up comes out of World War II, women embracing their sexuality and posing for photos to be sent abroad to loved ones. 
For men, think Johnny Depp in Cry Baby. The higher the pompadour the better then throw in a vintage western shirt, wallet chain, cuffed jean bottoms and creepers, and you are in business.

For the ladies, pairing up a 50s swing dress with ink creeping down the arm epitomizes the look. It’s classy yet audacious. It speaks to the observer that you are open and daring, but slick and cool. Think of Betty Gable or Marilyn Monroe while in the modern era, glamour girl Dita Von Teese and alternative rocker Gwen Stefani refined the style.


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